Exporting organic products to the European Union

How to request an export consignment certificate to export organic products to the European Union (EU).

New export certificate requirement

From 19 October 2017, you must have a certificate of inspection (COI) issued by the EU Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) for each consignment of organic products you export to the EU.

Until 19 October 2017, the EU will accept certificates issued either:

Get a TRACES certificate

After 19 October 2017, you must have a TRACES certificate of inspection (COI) for each consignment of organic products you export to the EU.

To get a TRACES certificate, you need to:

  • have an EU login account (for EU online services)
  • have access to TRACES
  • get your exporting organisation and suppliers registered in TRACES (if they aren't already)
  • be validated by a third party agency (TPA) or MPI
  • apply through TRACES for a certificate of inspection for each export consignment
  • complete a producer list supporting document.

Get an EU login

The TRACES website has step-by-step instructions for creating a login account to use EU online services.

Request an access profile in TRACES

Request access to TRACES by following the step-by-step instructions on the TRACES website.

Get access validation

After you request access to TRACES, your TPA will need to validate your access. Email your TPA to let them know you have applied.

You'll be able to check whether your TPA has validated your access, by logging in to TRACES.

If you have any questions, email organics@mpi.govt.nz

Request registration of your exporting organisation and suppliers

If they aren't already registered in TRACES, you will need to request registration of your:

  • organic exporting business
  • suppliers (organic producers).

Check if they are registered by searching for registered operators in TRACES. You can search by country and section (organic exporter or organic producer).

Each organic exporter can have one person as their account administrator. The administrator manages TRACES access for other staff.

Create a certificate of inspection in TRACES

You must get a new COI for every organic consignment exported to the EU. The TRACES website has instructions to help you create a COI.

After you submit your COI in TRACES, save a pdf copy on your computer. Note the TRACES reference number which will be in the format 'COI.NZ.YYYY.0000123' – you'll need this to complete your supporting document producer list. If you need help with requesting a COI in TRACES, email organics@mpi.govt.nz

Complete a supporting document

Download and complete the producer list supporting document template for your product type.

Make sure you:

  • add your TRACES COI reference number to the template
  • sign the exporter's declaration.

Download a supporting document template [XLS, 253 KB]

Get your COI and supporting document verified

Email a copy of your submitted COI and the supporting document to your MPI-recognised TPA and MPI.

Your TPA will verify your COI and producer list, then forward them to MPI for a final check.

If your consignment contains products certified by both AsureQuality and BioGro, send the supporting document (producer list) to both TPAs.

Get your COI

If your COI request is successful, we'll courier a copy of the COI to you or advise you when it is ready to collect.

If it isn't successful, we'll email you and your TPA with the reasons why. Your TPA will advise you what to do next.   

Get an MPI export certificate

You have the option of continuing to use MPI export certificates if they are dated before 19 October 2017.

Apply to MPI for an export certificate for each organic product consignment. The information you put on the application form will be verified by your TPA.

Download the export certificate application form [XLS, 253 KB] 

Certificates will be issued in hard copy. You can collect the certificate from MPI's Auckland or Christchurch offices, or have it sent by courier.

Who to contact

If you have questions about exporting organics to the EU or about getting a TRACES COI, email organics@mpi.govt.nz

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