Sustainable farming fund project search

A list of projects funded by the Sustainable Farming Fund since 2000.

How to search

You can search by entering:

  • the grant number (if known)
  • the project title
  • a keyword that is included in the project title.

Alternatively, you can choose from one or more of the drop-down menu categories. The default is 'all'.

A list of all projects is also available.

Drop-down category terms

  • Status: enables you to search by whether the project is finished or in progress.
  • Region: this is where the project is mainly taking place. Note that some projects will be listed under more than one region.
  • Sector: enables a search by a key sector group.
  • Subsector: enables a more specific search.
  • Topic: projects have been classified by topic – some projects will be listed under more than one topic.

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