Economic Performance Information Enhancement

The Economic Performance Information Enhancement (EPIE) programme aims to improve MPI's sector analysis – the information we collect on the performance of industries in the primary sector. Find out how the data helps grow primary industries, and what MPI is doing to improve information systems.

Aiming for high-quality analysis

MPI needs accurate and detailed information and evidence to produce quality analysis, policy, and advice for farms, fisheries, forests, and other primary industries. We're looking to improve the way we gather industry data and are developing systems to provide more relevant and meaningful analysis of the information.

Making information gathering easier

MPI is working with primary industries on ways to collect the best information as efficiently as possible. One of the aims is to minimise the burden of constant requests from government. We want to collaborate with other government agencies and industry bodies.

Improving information systems

Major redesign projects are progressing well. These will improve MPI's access and storage of information on farming, horticulture, and exotic plantation forests, like radiata pine.

The core projects are:

  • the National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) system design
  • the Farm Monitoring Redesign Project (farm-level information is published in the farm monitoring reports)
  • updating the forestry production and trade data capture and reporting system
  • a standardised data set across the primary sectors, from production to retail
  • information on food and beverage purchases in New Zealand.

To find out more:

The EPIE programme is due to finish by July 2016.

Quality information essential

The information MPI gathers is vital for government ministers and the primary sector to:

  • measure and compare the performance of businesses
  • ensure high-quality decision making
  • identify opportunities to help grow primary industry production and exports
  • be informed about the effects of adverse events.

Find out more

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