Sheep – Horizon Three

Sheep – Horizon Three aims to develop a sustainable and high value New Zealand sheep milk industry.

The challenge

A group of sheep
Sheep milk is a growing industry.

Global demand for sheep milk and sheep milk products is growing. Despite this growth in market demand, the New Zealand sheep milk industry is experiencing slow growth.

The solution

Sheep – Horizon Three aims to build a high value and sustainable New Zealand sheep dairy industry by building a fit-for-purpose New Zealand sheep milk farming system, which is:

  • suited to the new imported genetics 
  • commercially viable
  • environmentally sustainable
  • replicable by other New Zealand farmers.

We'll also be aiming to:

  • create a high performance New Zealand dairy sheep flock using imported world-leading genetics
  • do market research to determine which market segments have the greatest profit potential and how to access those markets successfully 
  • create high margin products to meet demand in the target markets.

Outcome Logic Model

Key facts

Programme start: July 2016
Length: 6 years
PGP funding: $12.56 million
Industry funding: $18.83 million
Crown funding paid out to programme for work done to 31 August 2017: $1,200,632
Commercial partner: Spring Sheep Dairy NZ Limited Partnership
Estimated potential economic benefits to NZ: The programme's financial goal is $200 million annual gross revenue for New Zealand's sheep dairy industry by 2030. The programme's aspirational target is annual gross revenue of $700 million by 2030.

Quarterly Progress Report Summaries

January - March 2017 Sheep – Horizon Three Executive Summary

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PGP Executive Summary

April - June 2017 Sheep – Horizon Three Executive Summary

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PGP Executive Summary
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