Dairy farm case studies

MPI has worked with farmers and industry experts to develop case studies of high-performing dairy farms across New Zealand. The case studies provide an opportunity for farmers to learn from other farmers.

Financial, environmental and animal health

To achieve sustainable growth, farmers are increasingly focused on improving their farm's financial, environmental and animal health performance. To support these improvements, MPI is developing ways to:

  • understand overall farm system performance
  • showcase opportunities for improvement, whether through a series of small changes or large-scale on-farm change.

MPI’s case studies of high performing dairy farms reveal some of the reasons behind their success.

Read these case studies to:

  • understand how triple bottom line (financial, environmental and animal health) farm performance can be measured
  • explore how some successful farmers have increased their farm's productivity and performance.

More case studies will be added soon.


Proud farming family

Melrose Dairy Limited
Melrose Dairy Limited

Mark and Devon Slee work hard to continuously improve their farm, which was converted to dairy by Mark's parents in 1987. They farm highly productive and profitable crossbred cows and have focused on improving water use efficiency. Mark and Devon monitor their business performance to identify areas for improvement and support business decisions.

Read more about Melrose Dairy [PDF, 1 MB]


Effective and consistent performance

northland image
Moo's 'R' Us Limited

Corin and Wendy Schick take a simple approach to managing their farm and cows. With guidance from their advisers, they balance fresh ideas with proven systems to continuously improve their business. Corin and Wendy focus on balancing the quality and quantity of feed, and this is reflected in their impressive cow performance under the variable Northland climate.

Read more about Moo's 'R' Us [PDF, 1.1 MB]


Conversion to dairy providing flexibility for owners

Rustic Dairies Limited
Rustic Dairies Limited

Zach Mounsey has used his background as an economist to focus on the economics and flexibility of his farm system. Zach and his parents converted a drystock farm to dairy, introducing once-a-day milking, and a focus on pasture quality. They have also focused on building a strong health and safety culture.

Read more about Rustic Dairies [PDF, 1 MB]

Focus on low breakeven and environmental sustainability

Judge Valley Dairies Limited
Judge Valley Dairies Limited

John Hayward and Susan O'Regan focus on the economic and environmental sustainability of their farm system. John and Susan acquired more land in 2014, allowing for increased farm efficiency and production. A focus on having a well fed herd has increased milk production by 21%.

Read more about Judge Valley Dairies [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Robust management for long-term sustainability

Gascoigne Farm Limited - Farm Systems Change case study
Gascoigne Farm Limited

Marc and Maria Gascoigne have developed their farm with a focus on sustainable use of resources. After starting out as equal partners with Marc's parents, Marc and Maria followed a defined plan to progressively buy out the farming business. They now have a 445 cow spring-calving Friesian herd, which produced 224,692 kgMS in the 2014 to 2015 season.

Read more about Gascoigne Farm [PDF, 1.1 MB]


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