In 2012, the Government adopted an aquaculture strategy and 5-year action plan to guide sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture strategy

The Government's Aquaculture strategy and five-year action plan supports sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry – balancing our economic, social, cultural and ecological values.

Through the strategy and action plan the Government will:

  • work with councils and the public to plan for sustainable aquaculture growth
  • ensure the laws and processes for setting up and operating aquaculture farms are effective, responsive, and enable investment
  • deliver on the Crown's aquaculture settlement obligations to Māori
  • identify opportunities for improving Māori wellbeing though aquaculture
  • build our knowledge of aquaculture's environmental effects and ensure a healthy aquatic environment
  • maintain and build our animal health and welfare, food safety, and biosecurity standards
  • encourage investment and innovation
  • facilitate discussion between industry, government, Māori, and the public about how aquaculture should grow and be managed.

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National direction for aquaculture

An important part of the aquaculture strategy is development of a nationally-consistent framework under the Resource Management Act to manage existing marine aquaculture. The framework will provide national rules to make sure councils across New Zealand develop coastal plans and manage existing aquaculture in a consistent way. It will also simplify re-consenting for existing farms.

Action plan to guide sustainable growth

The action plan supports the aquaculture strategy, setting out how the Government will support sustainable growth. Government roles are organised under 7 objectives.

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