Biosecurity assessments for ACVM imports

Information about how to apply for an Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) biosecurity assessment for a new product.

Biosecurity assessments for ACVM imports

Whenever you register a new Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) product, or apply for a class determination or special circumstances approval under the ACVM Act, we will assesses your product for biosecurity risks.

The ACVM biosecurity assessment process is managed by our animal imports team. Assessments are required for all products containing imported ingredients from:

  • animals
  • plants
  • microbiological sources.

How to apply

To request a biosecurity assessment, for an ACVM product, you must complete an application form. Send it to

Download the ACVM biosecurity clearance application form [PDF, 123 KB]

Download a Word version of the form [DOC, 608 KB]

Renewing an ACVM biosecurity clearance

When your ACVM product registration is due to be renewed, we will need make sure it still poses no biosecurity risks. Many things can change between an ACVM registration being approved and it coming up for renewal:

  • production systems
  • suppliers
  • ingredients
  • manufacturing processes.

A change in any of these might change the biosecurity risks.

How to renew your clearance

To apply to renew an ACVM biosecurity clearance, you must provide either:

  • a signed declaration on company letterhead stating there have been no changes in the manufacturing process since the last assessment was done, or
  • an outline of the changes that have taken place so we can reassess the biosecurity risk.

Send your renewal documentation to

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Who to contact

If you have any questions about importing biological animal products, email

If your biological products are plant-based, email

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