Places of first arrival

Aircraft and seacraft coming to New Zealand must arrive at an approved place of first arrival (POFA). Find out about POFAs and the procedures to follow.

About places of first arrival

MPI approves places of first arrival (POFA) for specific types of aircraft or seacraft, the number of passengers, or type of cargo.

On arrival at a POFA, a biosecurity inspector will inspect and clear your craft and passengers into New Zealand.

If you are in charge of aircraft or seacraft bound for New Zealand, you must have the correct and complete documentation and you must arrive at a POFA that suits your needs. Your needs – and your choice of POFA – will depend on the type of aircraft or sea vessel, the cargo being carried, and passengers on board. It will depend whether you are bringing, for example, imported animals or pets, cargo such as bulk foods, or passengers and their luggage.

The person in charge of an aircraft or seacraft must be the operator or captain of a craft.

Becoming a POFA operator

Information about becoming and operating a POFA is on another MPI website. See:

Who to contact

If you have questions about POFA, email

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