All food and food-related products for human consumption that are imported for sale must meet New Zealand standards and requirements. MPI helps to make sure imported poultry meat or poultry meat products (including duck and turkey) are correctly labelled, safe to eat, and free from pests and harmful organisms.

Avian influenza outbreaks

Important information was issued on 8 March 2017 about recent avian influenza outbreaks in some countries.

The following import health standards is affected:

Legal obligations

'Food' includes ingredients and anything to be mixed or added to food. No food can be sold if it's unsafe, unfit for human consumption, or contaminated. Food importers have legal obligations under the:

  • Biosecurity Act 1993
  • Animal Products Act 1999
  • Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997
  • Food Act 2014 and related legislation
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Importers must also meet other New Zealand food standards, including the Food (Importer General Requirements) Standard.

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