Imported goods (like car parts, sand, or water) can harbour animals or plants that may threaten our environment. Importers need to meet biosecurity requirements to help keep out unwanted pests and diseases.

Soil, rock and water

If you want to import soil, rock, gravel, sand, clay or water, you need to meet strict biosecurity requirements to prevent the entry of unwanted organisms into New Zealand. MPI helps importers meet these requirements. Read more >>

Vehicles and machinery

Vehicles and equipment often carry hitchhiking animals – like insects or reptiles – which can threaten our environment. MPI's role is to help importers meet biosecurity requirements to keep New Zealand free from harmful pests and diseases. Read more >>

Other topics

We're still working on this section of the new website. When complete, it will explain import procedures for other inorganic products like fertilisers, soil, rock, gravel, sand, clay and water. In the meantime, the following web pages or documents have relevant information:

Building this website

Why we’re building a new website and what to expect

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