Operating under the Food Act

If you process honey or other bee products for sale in New Zealand, you need to meet certain requirements under the Food Act.

Operating under the Food Act

If you produce honey or other bee products for domestic consumption in New Zealand, you need to meet the requirements of New Zealand's Food Act as well as the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, which covers the labelling and composition of food in New Zealand. You must also meet the requirements of food standards for honey – for example, the Tutin in Honey Standard.

Note the following:

  • Giving honey to friends and family, or swapping it with them for produce, is not regulated under the Food Act.
  • Bartering honey as part of a financial transaction and giving away samples of honey for promotional purposes are forms of sale. As such, these actions are subject to regulation under the Food Act.
  • If you operate under the Food Act, you do not need a Risk Management Programme (RMP).

Selling in New Zealand and exporting 

Do you sell or process honey and bee products in New Zealand and also export them? Then, depending on the countries you export to, you can operate under the Food Act or in accordance with an RMP under the Animal Products Act.

Find out more about the responsibilities and requirements involved with exporting honey and bee products:

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