Growing dairy

The Government, government agencies, and the wider dairy sector are working together to help farmers manage during low global prices and create a strong position for the industry to benefit as dairy prices recover. Find out how we're helping ready the dairy sector for future growth.

Growth is forecast but prices low

Growth in global dairy demand is forecasted at more than 2% in the short to medium term, but in 2016, dairy supply is exceeding demand.

The resulting low global dairy prices are affecting on-farm cash flows, business decisions and farm development plans of many dairy farmers around the world.

Seek help early

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and DairyNZ encourage all farmers to consider their farming systems and to seek help early. Rural Support Trusts, DairyNZ and banks all have phone services or websites designed to help farmers find the support they need, including financial support and support for mental wellbeing.

Helpful information and resources

MPI and DairyNZ support

DairyNZ continues to lead direct support activities to farmers and their farming businesses.

MPI works throughout the agriculture value chains to support our primary industries to grow and maximise their profitability.


  • Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme: MPI and industry are investing in this $3 million programme in farmer wellness and wellbeing initiatives. Other parts of the programme are enabling the creation of new dairy products, increasing on-farm productivity, reducing environmental impacts, and improving agricultural education.
  • The Whai Hua — New Dairy Products and Value Chains PGP programme: Investing $3.9 million in value-added products and aims to develop immune-enhanced, high-value dairy ingredients for multiple markets.
  • Projects under MPI's Sustainable Farming Fund: Projects include identifying exemplar dairy grazing businesses to understand the key contributors to their success, and sharing knowledge and best practice across the farming community.

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