Organic exports have grown exponentially in recent years and mainly comprise fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, and beverages.

What is organic?

The term 'organic' is used for products that are made or grown according to organic production standards and can be certified by an official body. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recognises AsureQuality and BioGro New Zealand Limited as third party agents that audit organic operators to ensure compliance with the appropriate international rules and standards.

No specific legislation covers organic products, but under the Fair Trading Act 1986 it is an offence to give false and misleading consumer information.

MPI work on organics in 2017

Increasing the value of New Zealand organic exports can add value to our economy. MPI is looking into what arrangements might:

  • further support organic operators
  • improve market access.

Before MPI proposed any changes, we'd seek the views of the organic sector and the public.

Who to contact

If you need to contact MPI about exporting organics, email

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